Serving The Public For 224 Years


Serving The Public For 223 Years


Serving The Public For 223 Years


Since 1797

Welcome to Mellett’s Emporium

Mellett’s Emporium is an original “Old Worlde Bar” that has been in the Mellett Family since 1797 and the pub is steeped in 224 years of history. Although there have been many changes to the business since it first opened i.e. you can no longer purchase groceries, arrange your funeral or book your boat to America, the pub still retains its original character.


Old Worlde Bar

What You Can Expect

Stepping into Mellett’s Emporium is a feast for the senses. You will instantly feel the historic importance of the building and be warmly welcomed into a family pub that has been serving the local community for seven generations. Mellett’s Emporium is the place to return to again and again, for familiar faces, for special occasions or no particular reason at all. A place for great Guinness and memorable sporting events, for local legends and legendary locals. It’s the place for cosy chats and definitive debate. With a homely atmosphere and roaring open fire, you will always feel right at home.

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Mon-Saturday: 11am – 11pm

Sun: 12.30pm – 11pm

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