The Swinford Torc
Swinford Torc

Swinford Torc

It was originally discovered in Culmore Swinford Co. Mayo in Oct 1868 by a group cutting turf at a depth of 2 metres. It consists of a flat ribbon on gold, twisted and ending in hooks and worn around the neck.


Diameter              212.53 mm

Thickness            15.25 mm

Weight                 120.5 grammes

There is considerable debate regarding the dating of Torcs, but it is generally accepted that they date from either the Middle Bronze Age c. 2300 BC or the Iron Age c. 1300 BC.

The Swinford Torc originally belonged to a collection of a Mrs Ruth Faulkner Executor of the Estate of the Late Mr GT Lucas of Bentley Ashbourne Co Derry. It was purchased by the British Museum in 1873 and held there under Object Reference Number BCB62397.  It was exhibited in India in 1997/98.


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